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Dear CFR’s (Club Foundation Representatives)

The New Year is upon us and it is time to turn our attention to supporting the Optimist Foundation.  For those who don’t know what the Foundation does, let me give you a few examples of how the Foundation helps your clubs and our kids.

  • All monies for scholarships come through the Foundation. We send over 100 students off to college with Optimist International Scholarships.
  • All support material that is available to the clubs comes through the Foundation.
  • No fee Pass Through program to help clubs receiving money donations from firms that need a 501(c)(3) receipt.
  • Club Grant program.

Goals:  The goal which we at Indiana North District have been assigned is our 5 year average times 15%.  This equates to $25,664.09.  Yes, it’s a lofty goal, but instead of complaining about it, let’s just do it and then some.  We have 40 active clubs in our district comprised of 1684 members.

If only 25% of our clubs do the $1 per day ($365/yr) and 600 of our members participate in the dime-a-day program ($36.50/yr) we could blow this goal out of the water because I know that we have several members in our district that will contribute much more.  How about each of us first of all get on board with at least a dime-a-day or become a member of the Century Circle by donating at least $100 as an unrestricted gift.  Then we encourage our club members to participate.  Next, we all talk to our board of directors about our clubs becoming a 365 donor. We’ll have some fun at our district meetings and raise more funds.

All in all, I know that this district can beat our goal and let the Foundation that we support them whole heartedly. Let’s start now and just keep going. I have included several different forms for you to copy and distribute where needed.

Jim Burk, DFR
Indiana North District


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